Nintendo DS: Advance Wars: Dark Conflict

Advance Wars: Dark Conflict
Advance Wars: Dark Conflict


Advance Wars has been reborn. Set during a world in chaos and boasting new characters and settings, the newest game within the series features a sandy look, a stimulating storyline and online battles and trade map. this is often the foremost stunning Advance Wars ever.

New CO and units, realistic graphics and a replacement environment brings the planet of Advance Wars to life like never before. After a devastating meteor strike wiping out 90 percent of the population, the survivors must battle barbarians, disease and megalomaniacal strongmen who are just trying to secure their own power.

Advance Wars: Dark Conflict features a replacement group of CO and therefore the supporting characters, also as new arrangements. After a terrible asteroid attack which left variety of victims, the planet was in chaos. cloud of toxic dust choked off the availability of food. new disease strikes all of sudden . Terror runs rampant as people do whatever is important for his or her own survival. Against this background, during a ll|one amongst|one in every of"> one among the tiny band fights to revive human dignity in a world gone mad, but the mission seems impossible. their own country led by a dictator. former enemies they only consider revenge. And behind the scenes, a scientist with the incredible power of humanity dreamed eliminate once and for all.

Advance Wars: Dark Conflict

Features Advance Wars Dark Conflict

  • Single-player - Players battle their way through an extended campaign and therefore the vagaries of the most story.
  • Free Battle - Players challenge yourself or up to 3 friends in additional than 170 two, three and four-player map. When twiddling with friends, players use the Nintendo DS and spread among the players.
  • Battle - Fight against up to 3 other players over 170 maps via local wireless communication or Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. Each player must have his own game card.
  • The room design - Players use the touch screen to style their own maps, controlling every aspect of the deployment to the terrain features.
  • Trade Maps - link to a lover via local wireless communication or Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection and swap works of topography.

Effects Friend Code with an in depth circle of military genius, then declared war on one among them via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. While fighting, players can communicate with one another using full voice chat.

Players pit their skills against the planet as they take a random player. they will prefer to go against people of their own skill level or engage anyone dared to require them on.

Advance Wars: Days of Ruin contains one map-creation system is that the most powerful ever seen. Use the stylus to color and make an ideal map, then send it to a lover for an attempt . It's easy, fun and really , very addictive.


Advance Wars: Dark Conflict


You can download Advance Wars: Dark Conflict here:

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