Device : Android / EPSXE
Emulator : Yes
Language : English
Size : 381 MB


The Scarlet Moon Empire has been peaceful since the Succession Wars, 15 years earlier, at least in the capital city of Gregminster. Outlying areas report heavy taxation, exploitation by imperial troops and general discontent. While small mobs have lashed out, there has been no real resistance to the Empire, though rumors speak of a small Liberation Army.

The Emperor Barbarossa maintains rule of his lands with the aid of five Great Generals, one of whom is Teo McDohl and the Court Magician, Windy. While home in Gregminster with his son, Tir McDohl, General Teo is suddenly recalled to the northern lands to deal with a rebellion. While he departs, the young Tir enters the service of the Imperial Forces along with his servant/serfs Gremio, Pahn and Cleo as well as his best friend Ted. However destiny and events soon conspire to change Tir's path in life, involving him in a fateful encounter with the Rune of Life and Death (nicknamed Soul Eater). Tir also learns that he is destined to be the "Tenkai Star", a prophecised hero that will unite the 108 Stars of Destiny in order to bring about a new age of prosperity.

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